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Thursday, 11 August 2011

BloggingTips: Writing Effective Articles to Advertise your Blog

One essential tip in blogging is learning how to write interesting articles to advertise your blog. This tips works for promoting blogs as well as advertising your Squidoo lens, your Facebook page and other links.

Blogging Tip #1 – Language is Important

Consider your skill in writing. It’s a fact that in the online world; most users can’t even write in English: they know how to communicate in English but not in a readable article. A badly written email or blog might work if the message is good and easily understandable, but not an article.

This is actually a problem since not only do most internet users don’t understand English, but they also have a lot to offer to us that do. In these cases, hiring a writer is an option. Though this, they write your articles in return for you translating one of theirs into your language and submitting it in your country.

Just be watchful of your deals with writers. Remember, that’s blogging tip #1:  communicate as effectively as you can, even in different languages if you can make it happen.

Tip #2 – Give the Right Message

Write your articles in a way that they deliver your intended message. Writing your articles can be done in two ways:  Seriously, where you will make a fortune, or jokingly, where in you will give your readers a laugh, that helps in persuading them to return.

By doing this, you will get good comments thread going on with your topic. The trick is to write in such a way that interests readers, even if you write in a silly way.

Try to consider these examples: Monty Python got to be a world-wide phenomenon because of their silliness, and the same was true of Basil Fawlty, the Three Stooges and Laurel and Hardy.

Tip #3 – Try to choose your mood

If you’re no good in being silly, then try being serious, but in writing such articles you have to be accurate with your facts considering that serious readers are very watchful for mistakes and accuracy of the article.

Try to write authoritatively on the topic of your blog. If you don’t have much idea on this, then get your content online and change it to be uniquely yours. The main point here is that you’re providing readers with useful information that benefits the reader. Aid them in solving a problem or save them time in what they are currently working on.

Tip #4 – Be more Informative than Videos

Remember that you’re competing against audio and video. One good tip is that you should consider what audio and video cannot provide, and then provide it.

Here’s an example:

You’re offering statistics on how much money your products save customers that purchase it. This can be more prominent when represented in bold red letters, maybe in italics and underlined, than just shown via audio or video.

Tip #5 – Write From the Heart

Write naturally:

Write what comes into your head as you write on a topic that you love. Don’t be too conscious of your articles spelling or content, otherwise, this can result to getting your article to appear stilted and unnatural.

Correction of the mistakes in an article can come in later, when writing, let everything flow from your heart without the constraints of online article writing rules.

Remember that it’s a blog and not an essay, most of your readers will be as good at English grammar as you are!  Take that in any way you like to – it came from the heart!



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Sound's pretty good. Its definitely helpful for me. Thank you for all these new info about how powerful blogging is nowadays. I'll take your tips seriously. I appreciate you posting this.

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